Monday, 8 December 2014

Inspired by Insects

Fashion inspired by insects
Fashion inspired by insects
Fashion inspired by insects
Fashion inspired by insects
 For my A2 Textiles coursework I decided to choose the theme of geometry, and have focused on the geometry  found within insects. By carrying out initial studies I managed to identify the shapes found above. I have used basic white polycotton and tie dyed it a pinky/beige colour. Using monoprint ink, I created swirls and criss cross patterns in the colours I found within the insects I studied.  
I liked the combination of an oversized top and shorts, I was inspired by Marni to go for a more masculine approach and so created boxy-fitting garments. I'm really happy with how this turned out because it matches my design really well. It show cases my printing skills and attention to small detail in objects. 

What do you think? :)

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Come along with me... Harrods

Christmas at Harrods
After a Textiles trip to the V&A me and Chloe went to visit Harrods to get ourselves in the Christmas spirit! I had never been before and as it was Black Friday AND Christmas, it was a pretty hectic visit! But I'd definitely go if you haven't been at this time of year. The window displays were so magical and the food court had SO much to offer! Me and Chloe couldn't help but sneak around for samplers chocolate...shhhh

I think I will be making another visit during the Christmas holidays...not long to go!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My Recycled Fashion Garment

Following Petra's recycled garment, this is what I created modelled by Petra (we played swapsies!). I made a crop top made from men's suit trousers. To create the actual bodice I adapted a prom dress pattern and cut from trouser leg material and lining. I used a waistband from a pair of trousers and flipped it upside down to produce the black band at the bottom to finish the edge. I made the bodice with one strap so that I could create a feature piece. Gathering a whole trouser leg created a lovely sturdy effect and worked well with the fabric, I created several of these and attached them onto the strap. To keep the garments structure I used a metal zip, I decided to keep this on show so that it acts a decoration as well as being functional. 

Overall I'm really pleased with how this garment turned out, I've managed to produce a well constructed garment from reused materials. To extend this piece, I could continue using gathered trouser legs to create a skirt, this would give a really intriguing waterfall effect. Again If you want to see this garment up close, Petra will be modelling it at the Re-think Rubbish Fashion Show held at Rayleigh Mill in Essex on the 30th of October.

What recycled fashion have you seen? 

Modelling a Recycled Fashion Garment

Hi everyone, just thought I'd show you some pictures of me modelling my friends(Petra Denis) recycled fashion garment. The garment is based on the theme of 'Africa' and is composed of old curtain material. My favourite thing about the garment was the short train made from several circles, it is a really nice design feature and included natural earthy colours that suited her theme well. If you want to see this garment up close, I will be modelling it at the Re-think Rubbish Fashion Show held at Rayleigh Mill in Essex on the 30th of October.

I will include my recycled garment in a separate post but what do you all think of Petra's design? :)

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Come along with me...Camden

Recently I made my first trip to Camden Town, a lot of people talk about it and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! I was surprised at how delicate and pretty the area was, I assumed it all to be market stalls. I was also pleasantly surprised to see an Arts and Crafts market where small businesses were selling their handmade goods; it was great to speak to fellow designers and buy their products. 

We were stumbling over places to eat, the area is filled with continental food stalls and the aroma is AMAZING. It may sound boring..but I opted for Fish and Chips, 'you go all that way and have fish and chips?!' yes I know but it was sold in a newspaper cone and looked so good, how could I not?! After, I bought the most delicious chocolate brownie known to man...just look at them! Great British Bake Off worthy I'd say. To wash the tastes away I drank a floral cold tea, never really tried something like this before but it tasted very sweet and a nice summery alternative to normal tea (the man also promised me it has health benefits...) 

After our stroll through the markets, canals and gift stalls we headed back along the High street. I was amazed by the fact that these original buildings had a modern twist on their fronts.  Large sculptures covered the bold  brickwork, making every single one different. I thought it was a great quirky addition to the street. 

Have any of you visited Camden before? 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Come along with me...Sunny Beach

Helena Park sunny beach bulgaria
During the Summer of this year I enjoyed a family holiday in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. I was apprehensive at first but during my visit I met the most amazing people, ate some tasty foods and explored the sites. 

The majority of these photos were taken in the old town of Nessebar, I loved the quirky little shops and old architectural detail the buildings and churches displayed. It was a very hot day walking through the town so we made use of the small unique cafes and drink bars!

It's great to look back on photo's but I just wish I could go back again year I hope! Hope you enjoyed these collection of photo's :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Stitch it with Style

Just thought I'd let you all know that I have written a feature post on Holly's Blog Stitch it with Style it would be great if you could check it out! The post I've written is a Day in the Life, it includes my work life shown through some pictures. 

If you love sewing like me then you should definitely be checking out Holly's blog and most recently her shop, it's full of great little handmade goodies!

Let me know if you enjoyed the post!

The Beginning of a Collection

Ahhhh hello!
 I'm back from my holiday and I had an amazing time, look out for a picture post coming very soon! But I thought the first thing I'd update you with is something very important...MY FIRST MAC PURCHASE! This is definitely a shock for some people but the MAC counter at Dutyfree was calling for me immediately so I couldn't help but take a look!

I'm not a huge lipstick wearer but I've always wanted to give it a go and to start off my MAC lipstick collection (huge emphasise on the word collection) I opted for Creme Cup, a lot of bloggers and youtubers always recommend this as a first lippy so I had to listen to them really didn't I?! ;) And I can't fault their opinion! It is a lovely pinky nudey shade which is so basic yet easy to wear, I think I may do a lil make up tutorial featuring it as it's already one of my favourites! 

I'm really beginning to regret not photographing more products whilst I was on holiday, think of the lighting! :(

 Anyway, I'm really glad to have purchased this, hopefully the first of many...
What MAC lipsticks do you recommend?