Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Me and Hayley went to London

As I mentioned in my last post, me and Hayley popped off to Westfields in Stratford recently! Unfortunately they didn't seem to offer us a lot so we only left with a shopping bag each... not exactly haul worthy so I've had to combine blog posts! 

It was a very busy shopping trip, every shop seemed to offer a sale which sounds great but woah! Sometimes too much on offer is too much to deal with, there were more clothes distributed on the floor(contributed by me and Hayley) than on the rails so it was almost impossible to find something great. 
HOWEVER purchases were made and I shall post about them very soon!

We both had a fab time in Pizza Express, I was influenced by healthy Hayley and opted for a (unphotogenic) salmon salad as well as a raspberry lemonade..because you know, one of your five a day and all that! ;)

For dessert Hayley introduced me to the wonderful world of Yoomoo, it's AMAZING! It's a healthy version of pic 'n' mix in where you choose a flavour of yoghurt, select your toppings and sauces, get it weighed hand over the monies and enjoy! Look at all the goodness:

I opted for a natural yoghurt with strawberies, raspberries, white chocolate buttons, little yoghurt coated cluster things and some sesame and pumpkin seeds, it was extremely tasty and I'm having withdrawal symptoms :(

Right, now I'm hungry! Have you ever tried a Yoomoo? 

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