Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My Recycled Fashion Garment

Following Petra's recycled garment, this is what I created modelled by Petra (we played swapsies!). I made a crop top made from men's suit trousers. To create the actual bodice I adapted a prom dress pattern and cut from trouser leg material and lining. I used a waistband from a pair of trousers and flipped it upside down to produce the black band at the bottom to finish the edge. I made the bodice with one strap so that I could create a feature piece. Gathering a whole trouser leg created a lovely sturdy effect and worked well with the fabric, I created several of these and attached them onto the strap. To keep the garments structure I used a metal zip, I decided to keep this on show so that it acts a decoration as well as being functional. 

Overall I'm really pleased with how this garment turned out, I've managed to produce a well constructed garment from reused materials. To extend this piece, I could continue using gathered trouser legs to create a skirt, this would give a really intriguing waterfall effect. Again If you want to see this garment up close, Petra will be modelling it at the Re-think Rubbish Fashion Show held at Rayleigh Mill in Essex on the 30th of October.

What recycled fashion have you seen? 

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