Friday, 9 January 2015

My Favourite Books

I used to be such a keen reader when I was younger, but for some reason I dropped this hobby and I'd probably say that I haven't read a book in years. However these are the types of books that I love, project books. Ones you can scribble in and absolutely demolish. Everybody,  stop and put down the Wreck this Journal and pick up these beauties. 

The Art of Getting Started
This is proving to be so helpful when I'm finding myself stuck for ideas. Every page features an activity which works to get your imagination flowing. I often sit and wonder why I need to fully cover 2 pages in doodles of arrows to activate my brain but it really does work! It goes to show that doing a few random tasks can trigger your creativity, I like to do some pages when I'm procrastinating over my homework. As well as activities, this book features many inspirational quotations and passages about the authors struggle to get motivated. One key thing that he identifies, is peoples difficulties in starting something due to fears of failure or disappointment that the end result wouldn't live up to the promise of the original idea. This is exactly how I feel when I give thought to a task I need to accomplish. 

This is a book I'd recommend to anyone who struggles to get on with errands, whether you feel too lazy to get out of bed or if you need some ideas for your next masterpiece. It is worth noting that you do not need to be artistic in any way to use this book, check out the link below to 'look inside' at the pages!

Memory Stick
First of all lets all take a moment to appreciate the name of this book, well done Polly! This book is for collecting and gathering small memoirs and storing them in one place, oh look just like a memory stick! I would say the book focuses on you writing down little things about yourself which you may forget in a years or even a months time (a day in my case!). Again each page includes a different activity, one page may be 'cut and stick your favourite holiday' and the next 'draw the current floor plan of your house' , I would say it's mainly writing and some drawing more than getting messy with glue. 

I do really like this book, however I was expecting it to be a time capsule of school or family memories where the book would get you to make collages and time lines etc. But maybe that's the point of the book, we often over look little everyday things like favourite songs and funny tweets, when it's things like this that we may want to look back on when we are older! 

This book is ideal for anybody, again you don't need to be an artist you just need to be passionate about recording memories for the future, so you can look back on when you're old and grey hehe ;) Click the link below for more descriptions and reviews!


Are there any project books which you love?

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