Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Favourite Moments of 2014

 Me and Chloe in London Modelling my garment Steyning ♥ Brighton Lanes ♥ New Designers ♥ Met my Boyfriend/Holiday in Bulgaria ♥ Party invites ♥ My boyfriend and I at my party ♥ Me and my best school friends ♥ Me and work pals dressed up for halloween ♥ Harrods Trip ♥ Me and Millie ♥ Ice skating with holiday friends ♥ Vesela Koleda ♥ Christmas family photo ♥ Me and my boyfriend 

2014 has now left us, meaning it's time to focus on what is ahead of us in 2015. Before I looked to the future I decided to have a little round up of all the moments I've loved using photos from my Instagram. Gathering all the images together, brought back all the great memories I've had this year. I forget sometimes that social media acts as a diary... it's sooooo much easier than trying to keep the 'girls diary' from when you were younger!

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Happy New Year!

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