Friday, 23 January 2015

Three Ways to Style Printed Trousers

I own a couple of pairs of printed trousers and I don't know if it's just me, but I find them really difficult to style! Is a plain top too safe? Is a matching top too in your face? Do I just cover up with a coat? Well I often tend to go for the safe option, but recently I bought these trousers and I've decided to experiment with them! I really like the print on these, they feature little repeated moths all over the trouser, using a half drop technique. I bought these because my current theme in textiles is insects and...well.. any excuse to buy new clothes right?

Outfit 1
Black Lace top|Primark, Black Stretch Tee|Primark, Necklace|Boyfriend bought it for me sawwwy!

If you want everybody's attention to be on your swish trousers then it's best to go with a plain top. However theres no need to be completely plain. Here I styled the trousers with a lacey top, this is purely for a bit of cover over a stretchy top. It is not only subtle but adds great texture and detail to the outfit. I like the contrast in the print as the lace is quite floral, it sort of goes together in a matchy non-matchy kinda way!

Outfit 2
Grey Lightweight Jumper|H&M, Blue Basic Tee|H&MNecklace|Boyfriend bought it for me sawwwy!

This is a good option if you feel nervous about matching colours or prints etc. This plain grey jumper is light weight and so I also have a basic top underneath, I've used subtle colours again and I feel this combination really ties the outfit together. Having these throw on jumpers become really handy if you want to break up extravagant prints and also if you just need some extra warmth!

Outfit 3
Insect Shirt|H&M, Black Stretch Vest|H&M

Ok, so this option may not be for everyone.. in fact I don't even know if it's for me. But at the same time, I rather like this wacky and eccentric look because that explains me! I bought this top a while back for the same reasons as the trousers and at the time, the trousers were't available. The outfit only crossed my mind when I was browsing through the H&M website and I saw these two paired together. I actually really like the matching look, particularly because the shirt is cream meaning theres a breakage in colour and the print is bolder. I'm not 100% sure though, I'm worried that it looks like I'm wearing pyjamas!

Let me know what option you like to choose when wearing printed trousers! Are you a matcher or do you prefer plain and simple? 

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