Tuesday, 17 February 2015

12 Things About Me

As it's coming up to a years anniversary since I started my blog I thought It would be nice for you all to know a little bit more about me! In this year, some of my lovely readers have nominated me for all sorts of blog awards which I'm very grateful for! I've never actually posted my responses to these awards but for this post, I've decided to include some of the questions I was asked, along with some others to let you find out about me! 

1. Do you have a middle name? 
My middle name is Jane, hence my blog name Emily Jane. I actually prefer my middle name to my last name but shhh don't tell the family!

2. What's is your favourite colour? 
Okay so I really love bright colours like citrus orange and lime green but then again I love grey. You cannot go wrong with grey. If there is a jumper in 5 different colours, and you don't know what colour to choose...CHOOSE GREY. 

3. Have you finished school? 
Yes, I finished school in the summer of 2013 and now attend a college until this summer. 

4.What was your favourite subject at school? 
This changed ALOT... to begin with it was all things Arty, especially textiles but as I took this subject as a GCSE in year 9, it mean't I didn't do it in year 10 or 11. At this point my favourite subject varied from what I was doing best in, meaning that one day it was Maths the next day French and then after Science. But it was NEVER English! 

5. What's your favourite song at the moment? 
Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding and Crazy In Love by Sofia Karlberg. Yes both the Fifty Shades of Grey versions. And yes I'm slightly obsessed. 

6. Do you speak any other languages? 
No, but the funny thing is I might learn one ;) 

7. What's your favourite store? 
If I was shopping for clothes, I'd be looking for a H&M because I can always find something! If I was looking for lingerie, then I'd be searching for a Boux Avenue... they are the only bra shop that sells my size so thank you Theo Paphitis.  And if I was looking for anything else, I'd be hunting down Wilko's! 

8. Favourite smells?
Two things: New books/magazines or the smell of a freshly blown out candle. 

9. Who is your all time favourite Disney character? 
(Question by: Summer Sapphires)
Speaking of candles, my favourite Disney character is Lumière. Under-rated...that's all I will say. 

10. If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
(Question by: tiffanys-balderdash)
Wish 1: Another genie... Wish 2: Unlimited wishes... Wish 3: Peanut butter

11. You've won a free, all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world. You'll be there for one week. Where do you go? 
(Question by: Edge of Night) 
Well easy for me. I had the best time of my life whilst holidaying in Bulgaria last year, and it just so happened that I met some very important people out there who I'd like to see again soon! 

12. If you could give one piece of advice to your past self, what would it be? 
(Question by: Edge of Night
My past self was a true stress-head. And I know I still am now, but looking back I would advise myself not to worry about small things. I would occasionally sit at home on a Sunday evening thinking 'oh no!! I haven't made my poster on key words for volcanic islands, this means I'll never get a place at university and get my dream job'...this really isn't the case, calm down and eat a biscuit (or two). 

I hope you know a little more about me with these answers! I'd just like to say thank you for everyone that nominated me for these awards including; Emily, Kiri, Euhnella and Hannah. It really means a lot to me!

Oh and also... Happy Pancake Day!

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