Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fitted Lingerie

Chloe Lace balconette bra Boux Avenue

Here I am, posting my underwear on the internet...BUT it's all for a good cause! Last year I was introduced to the glorious shop that is Boux Avenue. If you didn't know, Boux Avenue is a lingerie, swimwear and night wear store here in the UK. Everything they sell is deluxe and made to an incredible standard, every penny you spend there is worth it. This store is my place to go when I need a new set, it is my holy saviour! For anyone who has a small back size and a large cup size, then you will understand my problem and the struggle of trying to find a bra in your size. Now you can know where I will be sending you, go to Boux!

As a beginner, I never spent my time in choosing a bra that was comfortable, functional and fitted. I don't truly think I knew what I was doing when it came to this area of shopping. I was a young teen, I found it embarrassing to buy them when I was shopping with my parents or friends and even handing them over to the guy behind the till was an ordeal. I totally get it if any of you feel that way. I never really had much of a bust until recently. I remember being one of the school children who would hide in the corner when getting changed for PE, whilst all the other girls would be comparing their 'My Little Pony'  undies sets. I think getting a bra was the first true feeling of female adolescence in a young girl, a lot of girls would feel mature and womanly when wearing one. 

For a good amount of years, I'd say I was wearing the wrong size bra. Big deal? Well yes it is actually. You can suffer from a lot of pain in many areas such as the back and shoulder which can even lead to severe headaches and indigestion. One of the most important factors to consider is the role your bra actually plays. Let's be realistic.. you have got an extra amount of weight coming from your upper chest and to help that, you need a bra for support... think of it like scaffolding! If you are mistreating this area by wearing the wrong size, you are damaging a numerous amount of ligaments, and as you age you will find that your bust might show signs of 'sagginess' due to unnecessary stretching of an incorrect size bra. 

This is where I urge you to get a fitting. I was nervous at first... what do they do? do I need to get naked? do they touch me? But I had an amazing time with Boux Avenue, all the girls there are extremely lovely and helpful. As a little guidance, you may be asked the current size bra you are wearing, and from this they can tell if this size/shape fits you.They measure your back size using a really cool tape measure, it may feel a little tight, but this is so that they can get an accurate measurement. Then, they offer you a couple of bras to try on and once you're ready, you press the button and they come and check the fit. Once you're happy, they will give you a little card saying who you were fitted by, your size/hook and recommended styles. And the best thing to note, is that this is all free! No body pressures you into buying anything!

Everything of this shop is beautiful. It's not a raunchy shop with cringey outfits, you are made to feel comfortable by the staff. Do not hesitate when opening any drawers as well, this is the point. Here you will find a whole range of sizes, so don't feel disheartened if you can't find yours on the hanger. Do look out for great deals as well, sometimes a 3 for 2 is on and there's even times where you may get a freebie! (I got free pair of matching knickers with the above bra!) It's also worth picking up a points card, its the perfect little bonus.  

This post was a little different, but I hope you still enjoyed it! 

I hope in reading this, you have learnt something and if I've inspired you to have a bra fitting then I am really pleased :)

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