Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Help! I'm Dating a Blogger

How to date a blogger

It recently occurred to me what thoughts were going through my boyfriends head when I went to visit him last. From being brought up in different environments, I found everything so fascinating and I couldn't help but snap away at the everyday things that he would see as ordinary. I was purely thinking of the Instagram opportunities! I thought I'd gather a collection of points which may be relatable or even helpful if your partner is a blogger. 

  • Yes I really do need another red lipstick...even though I already own one in the exact same shade
  • Re-arranging my dressing table everyday is normal
  • A tatty, disintegrating bus stop is artistic okay? 
  • Can you take a photo of me please?
  • And another, but at a different angle?
  • Taking more than one photo is necessary
  • It is essential to wait for the correct lighting
  • Some days it is blogging first
  • Some days it is blogging last
  • Yes I have to buy a MacBook 
  • I need a white table :( 
  • Hmmmm lets go lookbook shopping
  • I need another pair of jeans
  • And some new bedding
  • We need to move somewhere with nice scenery
  • Hang on I just got an important e-mail BRB
  • Wait....wait..I need to take a photo! please...wait!
  • Oh and not to forget: Secretly hoping that your partner reads your wishlist posts!
I think if you know a blogger, these thoughts will definitely be going through their head!

 Do you feel the frustration and confusion from your partner? Let me know in the comments :)

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