Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Blogs I'm Loving

Since I've been back in the bloggerphere, I've really began to enjoy finding and reading new blogs! What I really love is the feeling I get when I begin to develop a connection with the blogger and I see them as more of a friend. I've noticed that lately with a couple of bloggers and I thought I'd share them with you if you don't know them already. 


It is highly likely that Fran has changed her layout since then, she does that a lot! She has so much energy and creativity inside her and I love it because it really shows how much she loves what she is doing. I just seem to love every post she writes. They are so varied! One day its a lifestyle post, a product review, baking or a photo diary which I all love to have a little nosey at! I really want her to keep doing what she's doing because I know her readers are just going to increase and increase!

Salt and Chic

So Amy is basically my style idol. I love every outfit she wears and I adore her hair and face. Ok I promise I'm not creepy! As well as her gorgeous fashion posts, she also includes beauty and travel posts which are so lovely to read when coming from fellow bloggers. Her photography is always on point and she really inspires me be adventurous with my clothing. I'm hoping one day to do my own outfit posts!

Sun and Sany

Stanislava is the person I go to when I need a little update in Bulgarian knowledge. Her blog is full of gorgeous photos of many cities which make me want to visit again immediately. I love reading up about traditions which are new to me as these are the things I'm about to explore. I admire how she always photographs her friends also, (I don't think I could get my friends doing that!) it means that not only are we meeting Stani, we are also meeting her friends and being introduced to her life. Having the English/Bulgarian translation is also really handy if you're trying to learn the language ;)

Thats all for now. I really loved making this post, I think it is important to share the love sometimes. Please leave your blog links below so that I can check you all out :)

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