Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Summer Saviour

Gradual tanning moisturiser

I think it's certain to say that the sun is giving everything its got to make an appearance here in England. It has dawned on me that soon it's time for my skin to be re-united with the warm rays of the sun, however it's always this time of year where I remember just how pale my skin has become. Now, I'm not a typical Essex girl who goes and get themselves a spray tan to make their skin the colour of a tangerine, but I do get a little self conscious and need a quick fix!

In the first few weeks of summer I like to just prep my skin with a gradual tan moisturiser.  I apply it all over my body and this just gives me a little bit of colour so that I'm not transparent! I particularly love this one from Garnier, I'm not aware if there are different colour intensities but I always pick up the Deep sun-kissed one. Obviously the more you apply it then the darker you go, it also depends on the frequency of application. 
I like to apply this after one of my weekly showers, but first I concentrate on my elbows, knees and any other dry areas of my body with another moisturiser and just let it soften the skin a little. I smooth the grad tan all aver my body and only lightly concentrate on my knees and elbows just because I don't want those areas to appear cakey. It's also worth noting that it's best to wash your hands every once in a while otherwise they will be glowing haha! (mistake learnt) 

I'd generally say that the moisturiser takes affect over night but I always allow my second shower of the week to wash off any excess just so it's a bit more natural. My skin looks naturally bronzed and what's better is that there are no tan lines! I then just apply it as and when I need it but soon enough my natural tan is developing by then. I would say that this product does still produce the fake tan smell, it does look enticing with this apricot extract malarky but unfortunately it only lasts a couple of hours :( 

What are your staple summer products?

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