Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Summer Challenges

Summer Challenges

My Summer this year is destined to be a long one. What with finishing college a month ago and still having a couple of months before I start university, I've decided I need to make some plans. I've made a little list of things I'd like to get up to this summer, I'm hoping I get the chance to do them all and I plan to do an update post a month or so down the line.

I was once an avid reader back in the day and I believe it was my schools fault for making me read novels (which I considered boring) and not having the time or brain capacity to read other books. I really feel like since I've stopped reading, I've lost all imagination...I need it back! So I plan to read my way through Summer with as many books as possible! Let me know of any recommendations below.

I've already travelled to Bulgaria to see Kris this Summer but I'd really like to travel around England or even just London to find any secret lovely places. I also want to visit family that have dotted themselves around the country, however me driving to them is a different story. I need to gain more confidence in my driving but the thought of going near a motorway petrifies me!!

I've really wanted for a long time now to start doing silly little sketches or patterns. It's something that will be part of my university course so I need to get some practice. I used to love designing greetings cards and wall posters! I want to get back into this and see where it takes me.

Strange one as I actually achieved an A* in GCSE food, what ever happened to that I don't know! I need to gather up some easy recipe books that will allow me to make cheap and yummy meals for when I'm away at uni. This summer I plan to develop my cooking skills whilst making an awful mess in the kitchen....sorry mum!

I've been so excited at this prospect for a very long time. I remember every summer holiday I would look at 'soon to be university students' in the shops buying all their home stuff and I always wished for that moment to come to me. I'm now here and I have no idea what to do, I need to budget but I just want it all! I can't wait to own my own bedding and kitchen utensils and cushions and everything!

So these are my mini little challenges I plan to complete! 
Have you got any of your own, I'd love to know in the comments below :)

Friday, 3 July 2015

What I'll Miss About College

Missing college

I remember college being the most exciting thought (other than the long summer) whilst at school, it seems such a long time ago now! At the time, our school didn't have a sixth form so we all knew we were going to be heading in separate directions, for some it was a relief and for others it was hard to say goodbye. When leaving school, I didn't find it as easy as it is to leave college. I feel like the days have dragged and the 2 years become a lifetime but nonetheless the time arrived. I often wonder what it is that I dislike about college so much, but every time I come down to the same conclusion: A-levels. Either way I have actually found a few things that I will miss about college!

This is a weird one. Surely this is what everyone hates? As I'm going to be studying an art degree, my knowledge of how cells are adapted and integrating trig functions are soon going to disappear over this summer. Having being able to once solve such challenging problems, I know in the future I will miss being able to have this skill. 

It's fair to say that I made some amazing friends whilst at college, and we'll be sure to keep in touch throughout our next adventures. But the people I will really miss are the ones that are the characters in the class, the teachers full of banter, the dinner ladies that know your order before you even open your mouth. It's weird to think I won't come across those people again. 

Individual Style
I think this one will still crop up in my life but at college style was so varied! We had no rules, wear what you want... look how you want. I found it so cool to look at other peoples fashions, and question if I could ever pull off their hairstyle(answer was ALWAYS no). But also what people got up to around the grounds; playing cards, guitars, singing...there was always something I would admire. 

Student Discount
Definitely struggling without this, I felt like my soul was ripped out of me when my student card was taken away! Hurry up uni. 

Those are the things I'll miss, pretty sure to say I won't miss the nightmare of a carpark that place had!

If you're leaving a job, uni, college/school, let me know what you'll miss in the comments!