Monday, 31 August 2015

I Passed My Exams!

I Passed My Exams!

Just a quick little update to let you know that I passed my a-level exams and will be off to Uni in two...(omg) TWO weeks! I will be starting Textiles Design at the University of Derby, I'm so excited as it was my first choice and I can't wait to begin; I'm finally able to study something I love.   

I've bought myself a lot of kitchen/bedroom stuff already, it's great to finally have an excuse to look at homeware sections in shops, it's fair to say I've been waiting for this moment for a few years! It's quite a way from home but fortunately I have plenty of family that way so I won't feel completely uncomfortable. The thought of moving away from what I know is beginning to become a little bit daunting however I'm sure it won't take too long for me to settle in and make some new friends (I can't wait for the uni accent to develop haha).

I was actually thinking of doing a vlog on my moving in process. I thought it would be quite useful for others in a similar position or just as a little momento for myself. I made a video a while ago and I really enjoy watching back those memories, I just think everything may be absolutely hectic when I move!

Let me know anyway in the comments, I'll be sure to blog some of the process if all else fails! :)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Having Some Me Time

Having some me time

Every now and then we can all get a little bit stressed out and I for one am a good example for this. Sometimes I can let things build up in my head and not worry about them too much but suddenly my brain goes 'AHHHH' and explodes. So I like to opt for a bit of a detox to help myself calm down and allow myself to enjoy life a little more. 

For Emily's perfect way to detox, you shall need......

Peppermint Tea
I always always ALWAYS find myself making this when I want to relax. This is a great remedy for soothing stomach pains and relieving stress, helping you to sleep much better at night. It's super calming and I much prefer it to ordinary tea!

It's no wonder you are feeling stressed if you're not in your comfiest clothes EVER. Come on, what are you waiting for? Jump into your snug pjs and cuddle up in your duvet. 

Favourite chocolate
My favourite snack is guaranteed to cheer me up. Recently I've been loving Cadburys chocolate buttons, perfect bitesize pieces which really do not last long...but hey as long as you feel happy after!

A pamper
Sometimes I feel like a little refresh is needed. Taking some time to look after my body externally can help me internally. Painting my nails, deep facial cleanse, moisturising or a lovely bath can help relax and reassure you.

Nothing like a classic film to get you giddy, I chose Love Actually and although it's August, it got me so excited for winter/Christmas I couldn't stop smiling away. This is perfect to snuggle up to in bed whilst sipping away at your tea and nibbling your chocolate. OR some relaxing music may help calm those thoughts.

Tell me what you like to do when you need some time for yourself below!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A Little Amazon Splurge!

Amazon Splurge
Amazon Splurge

Hello everyone! 
I thought I'd show you some snaps from a much needed Amazon splurge. I have been building up my Amazon basket for a long long time! I ended up in a vicious cycle of putting things in and throwing things out but never actually ordering anything. For those of you who don't know (how?!), Amazon is a massive online catalogue which sells just about anything for a much cheaper price than on the high street. Why wouldn't you want this!

So basically I've just had a little gather up of things I've been meaning to get for a while, some essentials and what not! I bought myself an A4 sketchbook for my summer uni project and some fancy pancy pencils to go with it. No idea what each and every pencil is for, I can't believe how many options the world has. Once I fill the sketchbook, I hope to show you a selection of the pages. I also got a couple of books to read (sticking to my summer challenge), I forgot how exciting it is to hold a new book! One of them is about twins starting uni, and as I'm in this position I can't wait to read it. 

After months of pain from feeling like my powder brush was stabbing me in the face, I finally decided to go ahead and buy a real techniques one! Good bye cactus and hello soft fluffyness of joy on a stick. I bagged myself the blusher brush also. Lastly, I got The Fault In Our Stars dvd. I've watched this twice already, cried too much already but I still want more! I'm looking on stocking up on loads of dvds because I won't have a TV at uni :'( 

Let me know where you love to online shop and please recommend any dvds you think I should get beloooow :)