Friday, 1 January 2016

My Favourite Moments of 2015

My Favourite Moments of 2015

♥ Sunset in Leigh ♥ Airport greetings ♥ Meal ♥ Visiting Covent Garden ♥ My first blogger event ♥ Finishing college ♥ Centre Court at Wimbledon ♥ Summer travelling ♥ Sveti Vlas ♥ Reunited with Kris ♥ Moving in day ♥ 19th birthday ♥ Print studio ♥ Black tie party ♥ Webb cousins ♥ Christmas day 

2015 flew by and it's now time for a fresh beginning for 2016! I've gathered together my favourite Instagram snaps from this year and created a little collage so I can remind myself of my happiest moments. This past year has been a big changer for me, leaving college and starting uni has got me really excited for what's to come!

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Happy New Year!