Monday, 29 February 2016

February Round Up

This month has definitely been a month of realisation for me in all aspects. February has been a really bizarre month with lots going on-my head almost exploded. I decided to detach myself from social media a little bit as I really don't need to be stressing over things that crop up on there. Being able to stop myself from worrying about random peoples life issues has freed a massive chunk of my time which I now get to spend doing something far more worthwhile. Safe to say I'm heading into March with less clutter and a drive for bigger and better things. 

   For 4 weeks, my hands will be a permanent stained blue/green shade, lovely. Weaving is now over, and now I'm working on baskets/woven structure in the new rotation. Print is a difficult one. You'll have times where everything is going perfectly, you feel ready to tackle the design world and push Orla Kiely out of the limelight. Except the majority of the time is spent crying about something you've spent so much time on not even working. Believe me, I have seen many tears in that studio! 

Print Studio Derby University

I've been finding a love for creating little doodles again. I've chosen the topic of tea. Couldn't tell you why, I don't even like tea! But I'm willing to explore every aspect. Why spend money on a colouring book when you can produce your own for free? 

Tea Illustrations

Becoming one of those adults that just take themselves for casual strolls was not on my list of plans however I've found this to be strangely enjoyable. God I am lame. I've discovered some lovely places and some places I probably shouldn't return to again as well as greeting energetic dogs and their lethargic owners. I have to admit that I really don't fit in when it comes to fashion in these fields. I definitely need to opt for a different style of boot and perhaps a much darker coat!


Other mini life updates include...
  1. Getting this blog up and running for good! I've decided I really do need this space lately. I don't care who is and isn't reading, it's just good to throw all my thoughts on. Obviously, if you are reading then thank you! I can't believe you've all still stuck around.
  2. I've actually been prepping and cooking really decent meals for once in my life. Finally making use of that A* in GCSE food tech, Mrs Stennet would be proud. 
  3. I've been making friends with all the staff at the Doctors lately. Nothing drastic just a few blood tests and what not. Got to make use of the NHS before it goes private I guess. Plus side is that Aldi's is opposite the Hospital. Absolutely perfect!
  4. Really love listening to the radio atm on my phone. I only ever listen to the radio when I'm in my car but as I'm without it at uni I never feel updated in the music world. 
  5. I've got an iPhone 6! Loving the camera, loving the size and everything is 10x faster than my 4s ever was. It's still naked and I really do need to get a case! 
What to look out for in March...

Finally taking the plunge and getting a swanky new template for this site!


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