Monday, 6 June 2016

Exciting Changes!

Hello everyone!

Just thought I'd give you a quick little update on some new things happening over here on Emily Jane. 

001 New Url
I've gone and upgraded my url so that it looks swish and professional. You can now find me at

002 Facebook Page
I've set up a Facebook page, it would be great if you could go over and give it a like!

003 Youtube 
From blog to Youtube, I've entered the video world. I've uploaded an introduction vid and I'm planning on sticking around to do more. Take a visit to my channel, don't forget to like and subscribe! 

P.S. I decided against the whole new template thing. It took me time to create what I've got here and I like that it is unique. 

Thanks for sticking around and being supportive! 

Emily x

Friday, 3 June 2016

The Most Delicious Milkshakes!

Have you ever thought of putting a giant slab of cake on top of a mason jar filled with chocolatey goodness? No? Well, Crème Cakes & Shakes certainly has!

 Recently my friend Kelly and I headed to Crème in Leigh on Sea for a catch up. We were instantly amazed by everyones shake orders as they were rapidly surrounding us. There were so much to choose from that we've already planned another trip. Crème serves an array of different treats such as; ordinary milkshakes, smoothies, light bites, and waffles. But lets face it, we were here for the amazing cake shakes.  

Crème Cakes & Shakes

After much deliberation, I opted for the Malteaser cake shake whilst Kelly went for the Mint chocolate. We literally did not know how to tackle it. The cake slice was so overwhelming, I just couldn't get past it, everyone else made it look so easy! We'll master it next time. 

Crème Cakes & Shakes
Crème Cakes & Shakes
Crème Cakes & Shakes

Strangely, neither of us are big fans of chocolate milkshakes but this certainly swayed us. Once you demolish the cake slice, you'll find that the actual drink is also filled with cake crumbs, making it so delicious! 

Crème Cakes & Shakes

I have to admit, the shakes defeated us both. We couldn't finish them but we gave it a good try. I can see why they offer smoothies now, I needed something nutritious after that! 

Find Crèmes menu on their Facebook page here. Cheeky tip, whilst at Crèmes take an Insta snap and hashtag #cremeleigh for 10% off the bill! 

Have you ever tried a cake shake? Let me know in the comments below :)