Friday, 19 August 2016

Uni | What's in my everyday bag?

what's in my uni bag?

Bag: H&M, fairly large, long strap and short. Divides into three sections which are handy to store different items in. 

If you aren't aware, I study Textiles Design at university which means that by law, I have to have at least one sketchbook in my bag at all times. Your sketchbook is your own personal bible when it comes to a creative subject so ensure that you have this at all times.

Depending on my timetable at uni, I will usually have a notebook in my bag to jot down any notes from a lecture. Occasionally I'll need it on a workshop day too but I usually use my sketchbook to make notes if needs be. 

Having a mid year planner has been so helpful for me ever since I started school. These run from July-July the following year and come in day to day views or week by week. I use this to write down any 'homework' from the day as well as deadlines and reminders

Pencil Case
My pencil case changes day by day depending on my timetable. Most of the time I carry my art essentials in there which range from HB pencils to various fine liners. On my workshop days I carry an art caddy which includes a large number of art materials.

An obvious essential in any bag. It usually makes a regular appearance at the Costa at uni when I need a latte to wake myself up during lectures! 

For the first time in a long time I began to make packed lunches for uni rather than rely on the canteen food. At uni you realise how cost effective this is, so I only have canteen food on the occasional day (usually when I've had a late night before). Here I've made up a pesto pasta. 

Another essential if you want to get through the day. Depending on your course, lecturers are quite chilled about you having a small snack in class. Anything to keep you focussed :)  

My course involves a lot of sit down practical work where I'm either drawing, knitting or typing away at an essay. It's often nice to listen to your music simultaneously. 

Probably rare these days to not find one of these within close proximity of a bag, however this is a key tool for any art student. As an art student it's a major requirement to document all the progress you're making within a project. VISUALS, a word I hear countless amounts of times at uni. Whatever you do with your pictures is up to you but it's also key to keep on top of your social media accounts as a designer. 

I hope you enjoyed another post of my uni series, see the previous post HERE.

Do let me know if there is anything specific that you would like to see :) 


  1. My uni bag is almost exactly the same as yours! haha xx
    Erin | Little Bateaux

  2. This is basically my college bag - making your own lunch is so much more cost effective like you said, yours looks yummy!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Definitely, didn't realise how much I will save! Always nice to have a treat from the canteen every now and then though :) xx

  3. I literally couldn't be without my diary, not sure if i could get through life without it haha! brilliant post xx

    1. Yay thank you Soph, glad you like it <3 This year I am determined to use my diary more! xx

  4. Despite studying Physics at uni, my bag used to look pretty similar to yours lol! Xx

    1. wow, very different subjects! Hope you're enjoying your course! xx

  5. My uni bag contains pretty much the same stuff as you! I really need to make more of my own lunches instead of relying on Costa! x

    1. Haha my friend calculated how much she had spent on costa coffee throughout the year and it was not a healthy figure :D Do love a costa lunch tho :) xx

  6. Where is that notebook from? It's stunning! My essential is always mints- you never know when you'll need them! Lydia Eve | xx

    1. The mosaic blue/white one is from Sainsburys sweet <3 Will be doing a haul post soon so stick around. Good shout, I often have a packet of gum! xx

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