Monday, 27 February 2017

A Catch Up at Nando's

I always feel dead guilty for being invited to such amazing events when I make such a poor effort in keeping up my online presence. So when I was invited to Derby's GRAND re-opening of Nando's, I asked my uni pal Beth to come along! Beth and I met when starting our degree at university and she's actually managed to put up with me still to this day. So for being a top friend, I treated her to her first blog event as well as a (free) Nando's of course ;) 

Derby's Nando's
Derby's Nando's

The grand re-opening celebrated the stunning new interior of the peri-peri chicken restaurant, focussing on modern South African designAs a designer myself, I was very pleased to hear that Nando's have supported small, independent designers from the Czech, France, Britain and South Africa. 

Derby's Nando's

Serious lampshade envy! Every single lampshade has been hand blown or hand woven by some of the amazing designers. The floor has really been brought to life by the vibrant and exotic bursts of colour, making it an enjoyable place to sit down and enjoy your favourite peri-peri chicken!

Derby's Nando's

So a big shout out to Nando's for letting Beth and I enjoy your new surroundings and the gorgeous food! Thanks for having us :) 

Do you love yourself a cheeky Nando's? 


  1. I'm so jealous!! What did you order?? I always tend to go for a medium chicken burger with chips :)

    1. I normally go for that!! I had the chicken thighs with spicy rice and chips!! *mouth drools* xx


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