Monday, 27 March 2017

Seven days in seven ways

The last week has been a bit of a hectic one, something I'm used to by now. As the Easter break is drawing closer, I have to ignore the fact that I am only scheduled in for 1 1/2 days and come into uni practically every day.

I started off on a positive start. I had booked a meeting with a careers advisor at the main uni site; Kedleston Road. The meeting was to discuss how I should utilise my social media to find work. I like to think I'm pretty social media savvy but I did learn a fair bit. Within 45 minutes of the meeting finishing, I had logged onto Facebook and made contact with a company. The company got back to me within 5 minutes and asked to be sent a CV and 6 samples. Not a bad outcome. I also had a text from the programme leader asking if I wanted to become a student rep - obvs said yes!

I then managed to lose my uni card. The card needed to access buildings, library books, printer, discounts etc. IDIOT.

The day ended with the weekly trip to Aldi with Beth and a bit of late night sketchbooking.

Tuesday is the scheduled second year day. The print room is where I'm based from 9:30am till 4:30pm. I honestly dread this day as I get super nervous at showing my work, but I was very pleased to receive some strong, positive feedback. 
I've managed to get myself the role of 'Class Photographer'. As the textiles studios are split across 2 sites, the print studio does not always get attention in terms of the Textiles social media. Therefore it has become my role to snap away in class and send across pictures to our lovely technician to post. Pst... follow @textilesatderbyuni on Instagram!

Sublimation Printing

I received an e-mail to say my student card had been found... YAY. On my walk to the main site I managed to find some blossom! Fran will know what a big deal this was for me.

Last but not least: an EXCITING phone call.

I woke up feeling unwell and couldn't make it into the drawing session at uni. By lunch time, I found myself feeling better, and went into uni to work on the samples, requested by the company I had contacted. I have a new found love of the Sublimation Printer. What a beauty that machine is.

Sublimation Printing

In the afternoon I had my first ever student rep meeting. I found it really interesting to be a part of the behind the scenes action. It was great to be able to contribute and help suggest ideas in how to make our learning space the best!

In the evening I found myself frantically hunting down placements and putting my design work together.

On Thursday I attempted to organise my work. I say attempted as I really did not put much effort in. Before long I had hopped on the bus to work. I work in the Digital Marketing team at uni, mainly focussing on the uni's blog, although I do other social media-ey things too! I managed to whip up a new post as well as update myself with what's going on in the office.

I had sent off my work to the company and had heard back, they seemed pleased but had a few more questions for me.


The morning started with a visit to the dentist. Sounds like a chore but I was so happy to be getting the last of my treatment done. I popped into uni and had a bit of lunch with Beth. Afterwards I treated her to a little blog redesign in return for being my 'Instagram boyfriend' (she reluctantly takes pics for me all the time!).
I went to the print studios for a while to do a spot of dyeing. I'm hoping I've got all my materials dyed now so that I can get on with printing next week! I was very pleased to have received an email to say I have a summer internship with Fred & Noah. I'm definitely looking forward to see what I'll be getting up to!

Emily Jane Webb Designs

The day I've been looking forward to all week!! After 2 1/2 years of following each others blogs, today was the day that I was meeting Rachel. We decided around a year ago that we must meet up as a little blogging crew, but dates didn't work out etc etc. But when Rachel invited me to her 21st birthday in York, I made sure I was there! I will probably do a whole post on this day, or maybe several seeing as we took SO many pictures. I had the loveliest of times exploring York. We visited amazing little cafes, wondered around little streets and went on the biggest Instagram mission of all time!! It's so great to be with someone who understands the need for this! If you want to see what we got up to, follow our Instagrams for the next month.

Sunday was the day that I was going home! Only a short visit, but the best little adventure EVER. Before heading back, I still had a bit of time. So Rachel, Joey, Rob and I met India for a coffee (smoothie) in town. Again, we had a little explore. York is so beautiful. It was my first time up North and with the help of my new friend Gary, I'm even considering moving away from the South after uni! Getting the train back was the most stressful experience of my life. I got on the train to Scotland... not cool. Luckily the train was stopped and we all ran across to the correct platform so I could jump on my train just pulling in. PHEW.

A little thank you to Rachel and all her lovely friends for having me for the weekend, I'll visit again soon!!

Emily and Rachel


  1. Aww I loved this diary style post! And I'm so glad you found some blossom! (You can probably tell that I love the photo so much because I've used it haha) xx

    1. aw yay!! I'm thinking of making it a Monday regular! I'm so glad you love the pic!! xx


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