Monday, 3 April 2017

Stripes, dungarees and doors


When visiting Rachel in York, I knew that it would be the perfect time for Insta opportunities. I really wasn't wrong, we took HUNDREDS of photo's which are slowly being filtered onto our feeds. What's perfect about being with a like minded blogger/insta pal is that we both know what each other wants in a photo. Lighting, positions, angles, check. And neither of us were bored of posing for days, fab.

I thought I'd share my fave dungaree combo on here seeing as it's taken over the last 9 photo's of my Insta grid. When wearing this outfit, I either feel like a big kid or a pregnant Bridget Jones, there's no in-between.


This outfit features: 
Stripey crop top | H&M
Dungarees | H&M
Backpack | Dorothy Perkins
Glitter (!!) plimsols | Primark
Frilly socks | Primark

And I couldn't link any of the above as I'm that behind on fashion, the shops don't stock them anymore :) :) 

p.s. what a nice door? Rachel found it and told me we needed a shoot in front of it and now I'm so glad!


  1. Your outfit is amazing and the bottoms of the dungarees are the perfect length on you... I have to roll mine up haha

    1. awww thanks Fran! I remember seeing you wearing them and wondered if I was wearing them wrong because you roll your legs! :') xx


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