Sunday, 25 June 2017

Yummy things on toast

When I left Essex for my last term at uni after Easter, I found out that an extremely instagrammable cafe (marble & rose gold? hellooo!) had opened up near by. As soon as I saw them pop up on Facebook, I tagged my fellow bruncher Kelly and insisted we must go!! 

Toppers & Toast
(photo taken after baby hand grabber Austin splattered sour cream everywhere)

Toppers & Toast is an Aussie serving breakfast/lunch bar and can be found in Leigh-on-Sea. The magical concept is that you choose the type of bread you want to be toasted and then you choose your topping... ta da!

It probably took us at least half an hour to fully settle on a meal... we chopped and changed so much! I opted for a 'Homestyle' on organic rye, the topping included poached eggs, smashed avacado and crispy bacon streaks. Kelly went for a 'Down Under' on sourdough, and had a yummy mixture of corn fritters, crispy bacon, sour cream and T&T tomato chilli chutney. We also devoured a 'Mango Dream' and 'Coconut Crush' (serious pina colada vibes) smoothie. Mmmmmm.
Toppers & Toast
For once we both left feeling healthy and cleansed after our brunch - we usually go for cake, cake and more cake! Oh and little Austin didn't go without, he was happy munching on our tomatoes and his crisps :) In my mid-year resolution to like avocado, I'll be back before you know it!

Head on over to Toppers & Toasts fb page HERE and go visit asap!